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    "Like-Minded Professionals"


    • 6 years state-licensed Colorado cannabis industry experience. 
    • 10 years+ combined marijuana-specific Real Estate experience. 
    • Licensed Attorneys specializing in Cannabis Law and Water Rights in Colorado and California.


    Marijuana Real Estate


    Our network of licensed and top-rated Real Estate Agents will help you with buying, selling, and/or leasing correctly-zoned properties including:


    • Warehouses
    • Retail Stores
    • Kitchens
    • Laboratories
    • Land
    • Greenhouses 
    • Operating Licenses
    • Investment Opportunities

    Offering services in Colorado and the Pacific Coast States*

    *California, Oregon, Hawaii & Washington State*


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    Join the GreenLight Group Membership Club and gain exclusive access to the flourishing marijuana industry through our private network of business professionals. Our Partners include Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Attorneys, Contractors, Business Brokers, Financial Services, and Business Development Specialists.

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    State-Law Compliant


    The GreenLight Group provides unparalleled expertise and connections to assist you with navigating the ever-changing legal and political landscape. We aim to create a platform where industry professionals can operate transparently without the fear of legal recourse. Nationwide, state-to-state, municipality-by-municipality; we pride ourselves on our knowledge rooted in experience and in-depth research, which enables us to keep you ahead of the curve.





    With the GreenLight Group, you are in good hands. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and marijuana industry connections to ensure you are doing business with a multi-service cannabis company. Contact us HERE for a 100% Free Consultation to get started today.

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    Financial Services.

    You have private options through our network...


    Financial Assistance Services include:

    • PE Funding
    • Insurance 
    • Accounting & Banking
    • Private Lending
    • Investment Options
    • Wealth Management
    • Canna-Valuations
    • Equity Partnerships 


    Market Rates |

    Industry Insight.

    Gain insight to REAL-TIME marketplace prices and product including medical and recreational wholesale flower and concentrates.


    *Product is legally sold/purchased within the State of Colorado between registered and licensed business entities on a private software program


    Canna-Business Professionals.


    Our cannabis industry networks provide you with exclusive access to:

    • Licensed Marijuana Business Owners
    • General Contractors
    • Security Services 
    • Cannabis Business Development Experts
    • Industry Leaders

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  • "...Colorado, the legal marijuana capital of the world..."

    Results speak for themselves.

    $30 Billion Industry

    Estimated U.S. value by 2019*

    $700 Million

    Total Marijuana Sales through 2014

    (Medical & Rec)



    Total Marijuana Sales January thru December 2015

    $50 Millon

    Average Cannabis Sales (Recreational) per Month in 2015

    $135 Million

    Total Marijuana Tax revenue collected

    in 2015

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    Check out the Directory which always features new Warehouses, Land, Greenhouses, Retail Stores, Kitchens, Labs, & Offices and more! Properties featured in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington St.

    "Like-Minded Professionals"

    Connect with licensed Attorneys, Consultants, Real Estate Agents, General Contractors, Accountants and other entrepreneurs who have contributed their skills in their trade to the legal marijuana industry. The resource you've been searching for.

    Residential Real Estate Opportunities

    Work with locally licensed Real Estate Agents in every state to find your ideal Home, Farm, Private Land and/or Greenhouse!

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