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    Also offering Membership services in every legal recreational and medicinal State-Territory in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

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    Join the Green Light Network Premier Club and gain exclusive access to the flourishing marijuana industry through our private network of business professionals. Our Partners include active Marijuana Business Owners, Cannabis Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Attorneys, Contractors, Business Brokers, Financial Services, and Business Development Specialists. Our Membership Program is 2-fold in that we provide a platform for both professionals looking to feature their services to the cannabis industry as well as those looking to use them. Get your Membership today!

    Simply Put, Our Mission.


    The Green Light Network provides unparalleled expertise and connections to assist you with navigating the ever-changing marijuana business landscape.

    Our aim is to create a platform where cannabis industry professionals can operate transparently providing business solutions for the brand new entrepreneur as well as the established industry business man/woman. Nationwide, state-to-state, municipality-by-municipality; we pride ourselves on connecting Like-Minded Professionals to keep our Members ahead of the curve.

    Providing Services.


    If you are providing a service to the marijuana industry, you will have automatic monthly features to thousands of visitors and Premier Members looking for services like yours. We will feature you periodically to increase your business and elevate you in the Cannabis Industry.

    Utilizing Services.


    If you are utilizing Membership for services offered, you will receive special promotions and 'discounts' as a Premier Member. This will give you instant access to entrepreneurs who are using their expertise to better the Cannabis Industry. Trust your local professional.

    Cannabis Solutions.


    With the Green Light Network, you are in good hands. Our team has the experience, knowledge, and marijuana industry connections to ensure you are doing business with a multi-service cannabis company. We offer a 100% Free Consultation. Get started today and let's see how we can create value together.

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    Marijuana Real Estate

    "Your Local Cannabis Real Estate Experts"


    Our nationwide Network of licensed Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers will help you with Selling, Buying, Leasing, and/or Investing in correctly-zoned properties and businesses. Specializing in:

    • Cultivation Warehouses
    • Retail Stores (Recreational and Medical)
    • Kitchens (Commercial Manufacturing)
    • Laboratories (Testing Marijuana Products)
    • Land (Development, Outdoor Cultivation, Hemp)
    • Greenhouses (All sizes, various tech available)

    Financial Services

    "The Green Light Network has private funding options not found elsewhere online."


    Financial Assistance Services include:

    • Private Equity Funding (Hard Money Loans)
    • Insurance (Crops, Business Loss, Burglary) 
    • Accounting (CPA's, Tax Professionals)
    • Banking (Financial Institutions)
    • Private Lending (Individual Investors)
    • Investment Options (Silent Financiers)
    • Equity Partnerships
    • Investment Opportunities (Healthy Cap Rates)

    Advisors | Consultants

    "Like-Minded Professionals"


    • State-licensed Colorado cannabis industry experience going back to when initial licenses were issued in 2010. 
    • 15 years+ combined marijuana-specific Real Estate experience. Market trends, high ROI.
    • Licensed Attorneys focused in Cannabis Business Law, Water Rights, and Cannabis Tax Law. Assistance with starting your CannaBusiness and navigating the licensing process in Colorado, California, and Oregon.

    Cannabis Business Owners

    "Marijuana Industry Pioneers."


    Our Network will connect you with established cannabis industry entrepreneurs who have already navigated the complicated road towards marijuana business success. Premier Membership access provides you with exclusive access to:

    • Licensed Marijuana Business Owners
    • General Contractors, Designers, and Architects
    • Security Services and Electricians 
    • Cannabis Business Development Experts
    • Industry Leaders, Consultants, & Insiders
  • Who We Are. What We Do.

    What We Can Offer You.

    As licensed Real Estate Professionals, licensed Attorneys, and previously-licensed marijuana business owners, we understand the hot cannabis real estate and business markets. Our Network has the experience and knowhow to guide you through the complex regulatory environment that comes with starting and growing your cannabis business.​ Our aim is to create a national platform where like-minded professionals can help each other achieve their marijuana-related real estate, business, and investment goals.


    We also work with marijuana-focused certified contractors, cannabis engineers, premier greenhouse manufacturers, consultants, and industry leaders. Our Network of industry professionals include Attorneys who specialize in cannabis and water law, Consultants with licensed industry experience, Financial Planners who will help you develop your business to build your portfolio, and Greenhouse Architects that will design/construct the greenhouse of your eco-conscious and sustainable cultivation dreams.


    Interested in joining us? Let's see how we can create a Value Partnership to accomplish your goals and elevate your business to the next level. Contact us below for a Free Consultation!

  • Partnerships

    "Like-Minded Professionals"

    Local Real Estate Agents who know your local Market and the Cannabis Industry.

    CannEstate Realty Advisors are a nationwide Network of licensed real estate agents who work together to feature properties provided by sellers, landlords, and brokers to help buyers, tenants, and investors locate correctly-zoned opportunities!

    "The best Cannabis Directory available."

    Check out the #1 Cannabis Directory which always features new Warehouses, Land, Greenhouses, Retail Stores, Kitchens, Labs, & Offices and more! Properties featured in Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington St. and all Recreational/Medical Marijuana States.

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All properties or services advertised are with permission of the property owner, the listing broker, or an independent licensed third party. For more information, please inquire directly to our contact section with a written response. Our legal representation will be in touch.